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Hello everybody,

I’ve created this page to help support you and your children stay safe online. If, like me, you can find the number of ways we can communicate with each other and access information and entertainment via the internet a little bewildering, or struggle to keep up with the latest crazes, I hope this page will help.

The following information will help you to

  1. Set up parent protections on gaming units like XBOX and PS4.
  2. Keep you updated on the latest games and social media sites and their suitability for children.
  3. Provide means of helping pupils learn how to stay safe online and be alert to their digital footprint and the impact of their behaviour online.
  • How to set up Family settings on XBOX

  • How to set up Family Settings on PS4

  • An excellent site for information on the major social media sites and games including latest trends and their suitability for children.

  • Website with age appropriate activities to help educate children on how to stay safe on and off line.

  • A guide to online game chat for parents pointing out the various ways this can be done, the dangers that can be present and how to limit risk.

  • Home learning packs for different age groups

Age 4- 5

Age 5 – 7

Age 8 – 10

We have all been using electronic communication far more during lockdown and it has certainly made it easier for my family, (Zoom Quizzes and grandparents finally using FaceTime) and of course gaming can be great fun (I love Mario Kart (Yes I know Old school)).

However there are risks and I hope you will find the above informative and helpful in keeping your children safe online.

I will continue to update this page with useful sites going forward so it is well worth returning to see what’s new. Of course if you would like to request further information or support you need only ask.

Kind regards
Mr Johnston

Miss C. Stedman, Executive Headteacher

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Requests for paper copies of any information provided on our website can be obtained free of charge.

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