Key Stage Results

At the end of year 6 all children across the country take their end of KS2 SATs tests. National expectations are that children achieve a scaled score above 100 in their tests. A scaled score at or above 110 means the child is working at Greater Depth.  

We look carefully at the data and use it to inform our School Improvement and Development Plan. 

Further information about our school performance can be found here

KS2 SATS 2023 


Reading EXS:  93%  (National 73%) 

Writing EXS: 73% (National 72%) 

SPAG EXS: 87% (National 72%) 

Maths EXS: 73% (National 73%) 

Combined R/W/M:  73% (National 59%) 


Reading GDS:  73% (National 29%) 

Writing GDS: 7% (National 13%) 

SPAG GDS: 53% (National 28%) 

Maths GDS: 33% (National 24%) 

Combined R/W/M:  7% (National 8%) 

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