At The Bawburgh School, we follow the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum for Primary Schools introduced in September 2014. Our Reception children follow the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

To access copies of the documents, click on the links below:

Primary National Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

 Wherever possible, our planning uses cross curricular topics alongside discrete subject teaching. Literacy and numeracy skills are taught in discrete daily lessons and staff promote their use in meaningful contexts across the curriculum.

 To access a curriculum overview for each class, please click on a link below:

EYFS long term plan

Year 1 and 2 long term plan

Eagles (Yr 3-4) long term plan

Toucans (Yr 5-6) long term plan

 We prescribe to PSHE as per the National Curriculum.

 To enhance our curriculum, we have purchased a number of online subscriptions. Bug Club and Accelerated Reader enhance our children’s reading skills. Espresso Coding provides a structured curriculum and enables us to meet the new Coding requirements.

E safety is of paramount importance and internet safety sessions are a feature of our curriculum.

Click on the links below to access our e-Safety Policy and links to sites providing more information about keeping your child safe on the internet:

The Bawburgh School E-Safety Policy