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At the Bawburgh School we will create a learning experience that goes Above and Beyond to enable all children to exceed.  We will nurture children’s curiosity and use this to create fun, safe and exciting learning opportunities.  We will develop children’s resilience so that they are able to learn from their mistakes and thrive. At Bawburgh, children will learn how to collaborate effectively with adults and their peers and through this they will create a welcoming and inclusive community. The Bawburgh community has respect at its heart and will provide children with a firm foundation to their academic journey.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum is underlined by key themes which we will call our ‘drivers’. These determine the direction and development of the work we undertake in all areas of school life, ensuring that we provide a curriculum that is enriched and personalised, to meet the needs of our pupils.

Based on the needs of our children, we have identified the keys areas that will act as the drivers for our curriculum. 

Global Citizens – We want our children to grow up with a secure understanding of the local community, our national context and the wider world. Through a growing appreciation of different cultures and traditions, we want our children to develop respect; we want them to embrace and celebrate diversity and know what it takes to be a good citizen and contribute to the community. 

Respectful Communicators – We want our children to demonstrate a wide vocabulary, good listening skills, high levels of literacy and confident readers and writers. Children will be able to communicate and collaborate in a variety of ways. We want our children to be able to offer their opinions and reason articulately whilst being able to debate a topic respectfully. A broad vocabulary aids both understanding and self-expression. Therefore, our curriculum is language rich, involves the use of high-quality texts and provides opportunities to practise new vocabulary. 

Active Learners – Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to have a wide variety of learning experiences. It enables pupils to develop as independent learners, as well as being able to work collaboratively. We want children to have a thirst for knowledge and to have the resilience necessary to tackle challenges and problems. We want our pupils to be prepared to take risks and to learn from their mistakes. We want them to be able to reflect on their learning, improving their own work through drafting and editing. Our curriculum enables children to develop into active learners, who are positively engaged in the acquisition of skills and knowledge and are curious.  Above all, we want our children to grow into life-long learners and to have aspirations far beyond those they may have had if they had at Bawburgh

Health and Well-being– Members of our community are healthy physically and mentally. Children will face many challenges and will need to have the mental and physical strength to be successful and happy. They will be given opportunities to develop their resilience and an open approach to discussing worries and concerns. The delivery of the curriculum will include different approaches depending on the needs of all the children and will support a whole school approach to promoting good social and emotional skills and learning behaviours.

Core Threads

Core threads weave through our curriculum and help our children to make connections in their learning. In each subject there are big ideas that define the subject. These concepts are few in number and are revisited regularly. Regularly visiting these ideas, enable our children to make connections in their learning and support them with embedding learning into the long-term memory. 

At The Bawburgh School, we follow the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum for Primary Schools introduced in September 2014. Our Reception children follow the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

To access copies of the documents, click on the links below:

Primary National Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

Wherever possible, our planning uses cross curricular topics alongside discrete subject teaching. Literacy and numeracy skills are taught in discrete daily lessons and staff promote their use in meaningful contexts across the curriculum.

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