School Parliament

The Bawburgh School Parliament 2019-20

At Bawburgh School we have parliament members from year 2 to year 6.

Year 2 parliament members are: Matilda and Jack. Jack enjoys playing on his computer. Matilda enjoys art and swimming.

Year 3 parliament members are: Jake and Imogen, Jake enjoys reading and maths. Imogen enjoys art and maths.

Year 4 parliament members are: Holly and Finley, Holly enjoys dancing. Finley enjoys sports.

Year 5 parliament members are: Samuel and Pixie. Samuel enjoys drawing and reading. Pixie enjoys spending time with her family.

Year 6 parliament members are: Isabella and Kai. Isabella enjoys art and basketball. Kai enjoys rugby.

Within Bawburgh School parliament we have regular meetings where we talk about the pupils opinions on what they would like to happen in school and fun activities.

We produce fun activities by holding fund raisers such as movie nights and popcorn stand. We helped in interviewing new members of staff, sent out letters to the County Hall to recommend changes to our school road speed limit.

We have been raising money from events to allow us to buy equipment for the playground.

Our goal this year is to make the school more environmentally friendly. We would like to give our pupils access to the wildlife area at break and lunch times.

Members of Parliament are

Year 6 - Kai and Isabella
Year 5 - Samuel and Pixie
Year 4 - Finley and Holly
Year 3 - Jake and Imogen
Year 2 - Matilda and Jack

Miss C. Stedman, Headteacher

The Bawburgh School, Hockering Lane, Bawburgh, NR9 3LR

Tel: 01603 742329 | Email:

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