School Parliament

The Bawburgh School Parliament 2022-23

At Bawburgh School we have parliament members from year 2 to year 6.

Members of Parliament

Kingfishers: Mia and Eireann

Jackdaws: Freya A, Alfie, Bella & Sirius.

Hummingbirds: Matilda and Ethan

Below are the statements from the pupils for the website.

I want to be in the school Parliament because I want to make the world a better place.

I listen in class. I love literacy and maths. I wanted to be in Parliament because I think it is going to be fun. I am excited for the next year.

Hi, I'm Bella. I like painting, PE, history and of course, maths.
I hope to bring to this school happiness and joyfulness

Hi, my name is Alfie.
I love cars so much. I want the trees not to be cut down because the orangutans won't have a home.
I want the school to have more trips so school is more fun.

My name is Sirius and I am 9 years old. I like reading, coding and board games.
I would like to change the school by turning down the heating to save energy and help the environment; a vegetable garden for Clive; a litter-picking club at lunchtimes on the field, and a vote for some new books or school trips.

Freya A
Hello, my name is Fray and I like singing because it is fun.
I would like to bring happiness and kindness to the school.

Favourite things
Colour: Purple
Animal: SSSnake
Film: It is, of course, Matilda.
I have a lot of ideas for Parliament. I get super worked up when people talk about the environment. First, I thought about setting up an Eco Club. Then I thought, I need MORE! So I thought of bin land to help with the litter.

I'm Ethan and I am kind of funny, responsible and trustworthy. I love football and rugby. I always want to help and get involved. And that's not just for Year 5 but for all of the kids at school. I want to make the school more Eco Friendly by carrying out litter picks and seeing more meat free choices. I think I can make the school a better place.

Miss C. Stedman, Executive Headteacher

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