Bus Blog 15th March 2020

Welcome to the new year and hopefully lots of updates. We have been out of action over the winter months mainly due to the weather, back to back storms and a couple of repairs! However, things are moving again and we have set a date of July to be completed – fingers and toes crossed a big party and grand opening awaits!

The bus survived the winter months remarkably well with only minor leaks, which will be re-sealed as soon as it’s a bit warmer. The new summer house however took a bit of a battering one weekend and lost its roof – check out the photos! Thankfully there was no serious damage to the roof or the structure, so Lee and Paul were able to fix and patch it up.

A group of us gathered to begin re upholstering the seats and Claire joined us one weekend to start on re-covering cushions with donated fabric. My mum came in to show the others what to do and Kathy soon became the upholstery version of the karate kid, wielding her electric staple gun like a pro. The seats were covered with fabric really kindly donated by Norfolk Upholstery, whilst Claire worked on fabric and cushions donated by Mrs Duffy’s family.

Lee also came back to do some more of the woodwork for the bus and started on an outside canopy / shelter. When this is complete it will add an extra area for the children to use outdoors and will look amazing. He has also been working on the inside of the bus converting his imagination into reality.

We are now turning our minds to internal electrics, flooring, furnishings…and many more exciting things.

Miss C. Stedman, Executive Headteacher

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