The Origin Story

“I've got an idea” Rachel said, explaining her elaborate bus idea to Kate.

“I like it, I reckon we could get a grant for that! Although this is becoming a habit” Kate said.

(Kate who is a grant sourcing mastermind has previously helped obtain a grant with other parents to get a new playpark for the village. They felt nothing could stop them!)

So they set to work looking for appropriate grants. With just days before the closing date they came across the Aviva Community Fund and decided they had no time to lose. In a coffee shop on Unthank Road (no doubt scoffing cake) their vision and The Bawburgh Big Ideas Bus was born! Never in their wildest dreams did anyone think that months later we would be where we are now, but with hard work from the staff, parents, village residents, family and friends the dream started to become a reality.

When Aviva let Kate and Rachel know they had been successful with the grant they really did have tears in their eyes, if only they knew the hard work was about to being...

I hope you enjoy following the story, there will no doubt be more hurdles to come but I can assure you, sheer stubbornness and perseverance will get us to our goal.

Miss C. Stedman, Headteacher

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