Jackdaws News Covid 19 School Closures

Following the decision to close schools from the 20th of March 2020 Jackdaws will continue in a home schooling environment.

Firstly, children will be taking a home pack at the end of the week. Inside is an exercise book and pencil alongside a bumper 100 page activities booklet to keep them engaged and to continue their education.  To help maintain literacy skills I have asked the children to keep a diary, recording daily what they have been up to. These are historic times, and a record of them will make for interesting reading in the future.

Secondly, over the coming days activities across the curriculum will begin to appear on the class website. I will not overload you with many activities all at once but will steadily add additional work as required. This will include opportunities for  daily activities for literacy and maths. Further, there will be suggested links to websites that have interactive games and ideas to help strengthen children’s comprehension.

Additionally, the children will soon be able to access Accelerated Reader from home. This will allow them to continue to take tests and work towards their next goal.  The address is https://ukhosted49.renlearn.co.uk/1894817/default.aspx

To help them along, we are allowing each child to pick three books to take home. If the children complete the selected books and we remain closed they can read books that you have at home or have access to online (Amazon Prime offers many children’s books as part of their service.) To make sure that the books are available to be tested on Accelerated Reader you can visit this website. https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/UserType.aspx?RedirectURL=%2fdefault.aspx

It will also advise on suitability and ZPD level. Ideally children should maintain book choices that are within their ability range (ZPD). The children have written this number range on the back of their home school pack.

There are no strict guidelines to how the children approach these homeschool packs however it is sensible to create a timetable that gives some structure to the day. Having two young children myself, we have already discussed routines that we expect them to adhere to. Not only will this help with covering the work but will also help to create some semblance of normality and structure.

I should also add that in these times, we do have the opportunity to learn something new or spend more time exploring the world around us. I have set my children the challenge of developing some new skills which are motivated by their interests. My son wants to attempt an animation using Lego and my daughter is keen to learn a new language. If there is an area of interest that your child doesn’t have the time to develop normally I would love to see them encouraged to explore this over the coming weeks. It would be great to see these when we return to school.

We do not know how long the closures will last. If we are looking at an extended period of absence then I will look to make contact with you to see how things are and if I can offer assistance. Additionally you will be able to email the office who will forward on enquiries to me.

May I personally add how proud I have been with the class. They are a wonderful bunch who really do care about their education. Already I’ve had several children saying they don’t want the schools to close and others really energised by the home packs and opportunities to learn something new. With this attitude I am sure they will continue to flourish with the home packs.

I of course wish you and your loved ones well during these difficult times and hope that what we will provide will help not just the class but help to create some fun and engaging activities for you all.

Best regards Mr Johnston

Miss C. Stedman, Headteacher

The Bawburgh School, Hockering Lane, Bawburgh, NR9 3LR

Tel: 01603 742329 | Email: office@bawburgh.norfolk.sch.uk

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